PermaSafe is a proud American producer of powerfully effective, yet uniquely people, planet and surface safe Disinfectant Cleaners, Sanitizers, Long-Term Antimicrobial Surface Protectants, and Indoor Air Quality Enhancement Solutions.
Our story began in 2009, in response to that year's H1N1 Virus Pandemic; the universal realization that the disinfectants available at the time were not only ineffective on surfaces other than those considered "Hard and Nonporous," but also shockingly hazardous; the CDC's recognition of the need for guidelines to help consumers identify disinfectant products potent enough to protect them from such pathogens, but safe enough to cause no harm, and their publication of "The Properties of an Ideal Disinfectant," a study that identified the 13 key criteria that constitute an Ideal Disinfectant Cleaner, and which became the foundational blueprint for our products.
It was from these circumstances, and the glaring need for antimicrobial protection on all of the many different materials and finishes that fill our homes, businesses and other environments in which we live our lives, that PermaSafe was born.
Our goal was to produce an Ideal Disinfectant Cleaner, an objective we believe you'll agree we achieved, as well as similarly ideal, people and planet first, antimicrobial solutions that would fill obvious voids in the marketplace. One product that perhaps best exemplifies our approach is PermaSafe SHIELD, our Long-Term Antimicrobial Surface Protectant, which, upon application, creates an invisible barrier on surfaces that inhibits the growth of microorganisms, and prevents the growth and spread of bacteria for up to 3 months. And does so without the use of any harsh or harmful chemicals.
From cell phones to cellar doors, diapers to ductwork, sofas to silverware, carpets to countertops, touchscreens to trash cans, roof tiles, floor tiles, and just about everything in between, PermaSafe offers EPA registered and FDA approved sanitation, disinfection and long-term antimicrobial protection solutions that are safe for use, and effective on a virtually endless array of surfaces and materials, in just about every commercial, residential, industrial and institutional environment.